Getting Serious about Getting Organized!

To those who have found this page – welcome! I hope that you can find something of interest. My goals for this site is essentially one thing: organization. I have a growing number of writings across a number of sites, but unfortunately, many of my longer writings and academic papers are poorly organized and even worse optimized in terms of search engine keywords and the like. Over the next few months, my goal is to work on the reformatting of these existing blog posts and to start to sort them with categories and demarcate them with proper ‘keywords’. Some of the essays did not ‘translate’ well, in terms of formatting when I imported them from Word into WordPress – and so I will try to straighten some of that up as well. I will post them here (with links to the original site). In addition to this, I will also post new content (or the links to it) on here as well. Essentially, you can bookmark/link to this site as a go-to way of finding older (re-organized) and newer essays/poetry/papers as well. I will continue to use my existing blogs for repositories of respectively categorized content. For instance:

Hollerscholar’s Blog

This blog is where all of my formal, academic papers are stored.
These papers almost always have a bibliography with them – and at least at present, this seems to get the most traffic


Essays & Other Textual Travesties of M.B. Lipscomb

This serves as a repository for longer, more personal essays – as apposed to things written for school, which go under Shorter essays and blog responses go under



Essays on & Reviews of Movies Both New & Old

I have not done anything with this – yet!

Seventy Thousand Fathoms

This site is where I put shorter writings – such as blog responses. Longer, academic essays go under and longer personal essays go under



Textroverted, emotional exegeses of M.B.Lipscomb

Poetry. Some pretty cheesy. Some I *might* be a just a little bit proud of (depending on the day you ask me).